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UniqueDesire started this conversation
Is there really free money for low income families? In a way there is. Even if you get government help, it may be free help to you, but someone paid for it through their taxes, including you at a time when you worked and didn’t need help. Everyone has heard about food stamps (now called SNAP), HUD housing, Aid to Dependent Children etc. Many residents of the tri-lakes area have heard of OACAC, food pantries, energy assistance, and other organizations that can help you in a jam. If you need contact numbers for these programs, please go to my organizations page.

NOTE: If you are in need of help from becoming homeless, contact Christian Associates in Kimberling City. They now have grant money to help those in Stone and Taney County.

Every organization has to raise these funds through fundraisers and grants. There are times when things get tight for them too, but check back with them. Grants don’t always come on time and now with the economy in the shape it is in, many of the grants are smaller. Hopefully, with the new stimulus program there will more free money to help families in need. And many people who use to donate….have not donated.

Think about it….every time you use a coupon, you are getting free money. Every time you barter for something you are getting something you need for something someone else doesn’t need, but needs what you have. No money exchanged hands, so didn’t you, in a way, get free money (check out the Tri-Lakes Bartering page). Every time you stretch a meal by adding rice to it to make it go further, didn’t you save money (see the Food page)? That’s free money too.

Every time you repair something, you are saving money. If you don’t know how to repair the item, search the internet or go to your local library. And if you don’t procrastinate and get it repaired before it gets worse, you save even more money.

If you want to start a small business, work towards getting a free grant or a low income grant.

If you need help with paying for prescriptions, there are many programs (go to the medical page). There are many pharmaceutical companies that will get you your medications for free or a very low price. The information is on the medical page. That is free money.

People are very good at holding clothing drives, shoe drives, food drives etc. to help those with low income. At Christmas there are many organizations and churches who give food and warm clothing to the less fortunate. In the summer, OACAC loans out fans for those with no air conditioning.

There are many things you can do in the area that are free which means free money (in a way) for low income families. Many of the shows have a night or two per year that is free for the residents of the area. That saves you $20-30. per person by going those particular nights. Boston Community Center is north on Hwy 248 and the first Saturday night of every month they have a free potluck (just bring one dish of your choice) and then a free jam session afterwards. The music is in the one-room schoolhouse and the dining is in the new building. And there are other jam sessions in the area, many of which, the Branson entertainers join in on

Any time you are saving money you are receiving free money for low income families. You can save through coupons, save by going green, save by recycling and selling metals, making meals go further, or saving by not using your credit cards and paying high interest loans. You're saving money by turning lights, tv's and all electrical items off when not in use. In fact, the electrical companies say anything that is plugged into outlets is still costing you money as it still uses power. Do unplug everything until you need to use it.

Every time you use a bag from the grocery store for your trash, you are saving yourself money. Every time you check the tires on your vehicle and make sure they have the right amount of air in them, you are saving gas and wear and tear on your tires. This adds up quick.

Any time you can pay ahead on your bills you are saving money. During the summer pay ahead for propane, as the prices will be higher come cold weather time. Put money away for your electrical bill during the winter and summer months. You can call your electrical company and get on a payment plan where every month your bill will be the same amount. This keeps you from being surprised by very high bills. They will look at your bills over the past 12 months and average them.

Every time you buy something on sale you save money. Every month of the year, certain items are on sale (the same month every year). Save up so you can buy enough to cover your needs for a year.....and save money.

If you have the money, do your buying at the end of a season for the next year. After Christmas sales are a great way to save what you would pay full price for in the months leading up to Christmas the next year. You know you are going to need wrapping paper or bags and ribbon. And if you can find some that aren't in Christmas colors, you can use it for any occasion.

Every time you make your own stationery or greeting cards, you are saving money.

Recycling everything you no longer use for something you do need, you are saving money. Anything made out of wood should be saved to make items you need around the house or yard. Why throw wood away and then go buy wood at the lumber yard.

See how many ways you can save money and notice how much you have money for low income families.

Free money is hard to come by. But if you are eligible for food stamps, energy assistance, or help from OACAC, CAM, or Christian Associates you are getting free money. It doesn't have to be paid back, but it sure wouldn't hurt to give back some or volunteer to help them as they are all non-profits and always needing volunteers.

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littlelacie   in reply to nidi
Hi, it would be better if you took your email off the internet. Scammers like to see people's emails so they can try to take your money.Dial 211, give city,county,state, say what you need help with. They will tell you what resources are available in your area that might be able to help.
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I am so needing help. made abusive husband leave 2 months ago, have a child. Had major surgery not long ago, now have full blown pneumonia, I am living in a house where I cannot pay the rent as my husband was the bread winner.Because I had been severely ill for 8 years, with a thyroid medication severe allergy, and hoshimotos thyrioditis. I am trying to get a job but have been so totally and completely ill I can hardly crawl, we also have 4 pets that are are family ,,, allot to think about, and consider. I do have tremendous faith in God, but things lookin stark..... thanks for reading n god bless , not one to ever ask for help but this is different,,,, if anyone could please help us ... thanks
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nidi   in reply to MS.BARFIELD
hold on tight, god is so good ,,, i feel you pain been there,,, prayin giant prayer for u n you babys...... fondly
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nidi   in reply to elize
man been there. am so sorry, I am praying for you right now in the mighty name of Jesus.... b strong god always has an answer,,,, i am too in a situation of great distress, divorce, cant afford my rent anymore, major surgery , pnemonia,,, you name it , but im not afraid any more,,,,,, god has always always come through...... be blessed both of you........n take care :)
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Starlight star bright

First and foremost, I would like to say God Bless you for everything that you do for people to help change their lives, because even the smallest things can make such a big impact on someone’s life. It is so unfortunate how life can take such a drastic turn in a blink of an eye and people not even know how things got so bad so quickly. My life started to turned upside down when my ex husband had to have multiple knee surgeries and that is when the wicked addiction to narcotics began for him. It started off with a few Vicodin for pain, then ended up to a total of 30 to 40 Vicodin per day. This resulted in him losing his job, which then ultimately resulted in us losing our beautiful home to foreclosure and we were evicted on December 23rd. Luckily, I had a friend who knew someone who had a small house for rent that she let us move right in and pay her a few weeks later. The house was very tiny, very outdated, smelled, and was literally trashed. I remember crying when I went to bed so that my two boys wouldn’t see how sad I was. But I picked myself up the best I could and I painted the whole house, ripped up the carpet, scrubbed the floors, bought carpet remnants, and sewed pretty valances for all the windows. I hung up pictures and made it look very warm and cozy, so it wasn’t so bad after I accepted the fact that I HAD to accept it. We lived there for about a year and I worked full time while my husband at that time, stayed home and self medicated. It wasn't until one day that I started getting all kinds of medical bills in the mail to realize how much worse things were becoming, so I checked my BC/BS online and to my surprise he had been traveling hundreds of miles a week doctor shopping from Emergency room to Emergency room, Urgent Care to Urgent Care, Doctor to Doctor throughout Michigan to get narcotics. I was livid that Blue Cross/Blue Shield even allowed this to happen and did not make me aware of this since I was the policy holder. Now I was in deeper debt with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. This was my breaking point, I gave him the option of going to rehab or losing his family. He struggled with this decision, which broke my heart…….and he chose to lose his family. I got a second job as a waitress at a horse track every Saturday and Sunday for a whole summer to save enough to file for divorce and to buy a home for myself and my boys. So at the end of the summer I was able to put a down payment on a new HUD home and move in the Fall. This resulted in my husband attempting suicide two times via overdose. I decided that I was not going to feel sorry for him and that if that is how he chose to live his life, so be it. I was going to be the strong one for my boys.
Then one day the unimaginable happened……..My father in law who was a private pilot did mercy flights to Mayo Clinic for cancer patients and donor patients was a copilot on a flight that day with his best friend transporting a cancer patient along with the patient's wife, who was also accompanied by his doctor. They were about two miles from land over Lake Michigan and had engine failure. They prepared for the crash and all put their life jackets on and the doctor proceeded to write a few short notes from each person on board to the person of their choice and he put it inside his doctor bag. A boat saw the plane crash and immediately called the coast guard and headed towards the scene. It took him about one hour to reach the area where the plane went down. Then he finally spotted someone….it was the pilot who was clinging to his lifejacket. He was able to get him aboard his boat and wrap him in a blanket, but there was no sign of the plane or anyone else. Long story short, we got the call and our family and the local fire dept from our community went to Luddington to help comb the beaches for any sign of debris. The American Red Cross held two debriefing meetings for family every day, which was so helpful, but it was the worst week of our lives. After five days it went from a search to a recovery. Approximately two weeks later they recovered the plane, which still had the cancer patient and his wife inside. Two days later they found the doctor in about 20 feet of water and the next day found my father in law 40 feet way from the doctor. This was so devastating for my husband and my boys, it was just awful. But I pursued the divorce. The following year on Memorial Day my ex-husband called my boys and myself and said he loved us and he was going to kill himself and then shut his phone off. We were frantic and looked everywhere for him. The next morning we got a call from an officer stating that my ex husband had tried to get the police to shoot him and when they refused, he then shot himself. They rushed him to the hospital and into surgery. He pulled through and he was admitted to the psychiatric ward for quite a while. Today he is sober, has a great job, a place of his own, a girlfriend and getting a relationship back with our boys. Unfortunately, due to all the stress on me from this, I developed Post Traumatic Stress and severe back pain. I had to have procedures on my back to cauterize the nerves in my spine, which resulted in more medical bills and I got behind on my house payments. My mortgage company was able to put me on a Moratorium, but I am 14 payments behind and I am in fear of foreclosure. They assure me that it won’t happen, but when I am off the moratorium, my house payment is going to be much larger and I am not sure how I am going to manage it on just my income. I am trying to get as much paid off as I can before I have to start making payments again, but I am hoping that I can get some help somewhere to get those 14 payments paid so that my payment does not go up and that I don’t lose my home. This is putting a lot of stress on me, but I am trying my best to stay positive and I try to be optimistic and try to think of ways to make extra money. I am by no means asking for anyone to give me money, but I am asking for someone considering making any small donation directly to my mortgage company to help me get those 14 payments caught up. I don’t want anyone to give me money directly. My mortgage company is Rural Development and I can give you the account number and phone number. Even making a $20 payment towards it, would be deeply appreciated. I work full time and take pride in working and earning my own living and taking care of myself and I am embarrassed to ask for help and I apologize for having to do so. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

God Bless

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Mommy of 3 in TN   in reply to elize
Hello if you will go to type your city & state there will be a list of agencies that can help you with food boxes. Also local churches will help with food.
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elize   in reply to ruth4vs11
My Husband& I are so low income that we don't have hardly any Food in our house and my Bridge card is not more then $5.00 dollars what in the world are we going to do.
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My name is Nicole. My husband has been out of work for almost 2 years with numerous medical issues. Two times were hospital stays. He is now scheduled to have surgery tomorrow. We do not have insurance right now, as we are trying to get some through the state. His surgery alone is going to cost us $10,000. Not to mention his pre and post surgery visits. We are in desperate need of help as we are fighting to just to stay afloat. We could really use any help we could get right now. Thanks to all who listen.
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Whoever you are, I love you because you took time to read ...
I am High School student and I have to take two buses everyday (in one direction) to arrive to school on time. So, I have to wake up at 6:20, in order to be in school at 8:10. when I am late for one bus, it means I have to wait 20 minutes for first bus and another 50 minutes for second bus, and then walk to school from bus stop for 20 minutes carrying heavy books and binders. I live in small town, not even in a city. As I arrive home (8:45pm), I have time just to cook for my parents and do my homework. I go to bed at 1:30 and wake up at 6 every day. I work, volunteer, play sport , and I am part of the Dance Team. Beside it, my GPA's average is A- . But I have to take buses everywhere. It is hard for me to be on track. Having a money for a car, even small amount, would make my life easier and my dream to go to college more realistic because right now, I don't think I have any chance to attend a college because of transportation problems. I HAVE A DREAM, that one day I will find money for a car and I will go to college.... with God's help
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hi i wa sin need of some tires for my car so i can contiune to go to work iam willing to pay for them but iam a single mom with a child with disibltys and can only do payments
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my husband has been out of work for 3 weeks we also have 3 pets we have been trying to live on what a food pantry gives us are water electric and gas are do soon we had to extend all three if any one can help us please email me
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My family is in need of help ive put my pride aside for my childeren. We are lossing everything. Water has been off for a month now, no one has funds to help . Gas was two weeks later an a shut off for electrice after we paid some on it. Now we have to move the owner of the house past, an new owner said we cant stay. If someone can help plaese feel free to email me thanks. An never give up
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amanda shahan
Me my boyfriend and his two kids moved in with him mother after his father passed away to help out. We were going to move but she got real bad sick and took her to the doctor and she had to get a stint in her heart. so we had to stay. We have been living here about 4 years and about a month ago she told us we had to move out before summer. we are paying for a trailer and property and it is in such bad conditions. We have so much to do. We pay her bills and pay for it and by that time we have no money to put in the house. It is a one bedroom it has broken windows and two doors are missing and we have to add 3 rooms on. Does anyone know what to do. PLEASE i'm running out of money and time and we don't want to live on the street. please help us...
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my husband has been injuryed on the job and isnt getting workers comp the injury occured in jan of 2012 so we applyed for disableity and no word on any of them yet my bills are pyling up and i just ran out of cigs sold every thing to pay the bills up to this date no children at home
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I need money because I've found a car and still oweand I'm completely broke!I can't even get gas for it.It needs tires,an oil change,and tune up.
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need a free cellphone
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need money for light bill
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 in response to vickoel...   ok well i will leave my facebook page on my info here. please only respond and add me if your truely interested in helping others .( and not for gain.) I appreciate your writing me vickoel.
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 in response to ruth4vs11...   I want to help and need hep
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